How to explain how a baby carrier works…



I bought a lovely baby wrap, a carrier and baby hammock from the same place at an expo I went to recently (more in its own post) and Kim could just not understand how the carrier worked. Enter our faithful and cooperative pooch Boris Von Schnitzel – the most tolerant dog in the world©.

Before anyone freaks out – it will be washed prior to Prawnina using it!




I’m almost better, still a bit chesty and snotty, but mostly there, although the exhaustion continues. Thank any deity who’s listening for that!

So, here is a picture of Boris and I having our afternoon nap today – taken by the lovely Kim.


A blurry pic of my morning!


So, this morning I go back to my pregnancy yoga for the first time in 6 weeks. I can’t wait as I just feel better afterwards. The hiatus was a combination of work (night duties) and exhaustion. Still, I’m up and going today.

It’s a beautiful morning in Melbourne and I thought I’d share with you all my view as I eat my breakfast – after feeling down in the dumps, I’m trying to focus on the positive. In no particular order the things that are making me smile this morning are:

  • feeling Prawnina wriggling about, she’s always so active in the morning (oh, I hope she’s not after she’s born!)
  • the feeling of spring sunshine on my toes
  • watching my garden begin to bloom into spring
  • listening to Boris snore gently in the sunshine
  • listening to all the local birds singing
  • the sun making twinkling rainbows on the bead curtain at the french doors
  • and finally, having a beautiful safe home to enjoy it all in – I’m a very lucky Sarah indeed!