This is the story of Sarah (myself) and Kim (my partner) as we journey together into parenthood.


We’re a relatively new team – Kim and I met on the 31st of August 2012 and we immediately fell in love. He’s my best friend and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be having a baby with. We decided to start trying for a baby and got pregnant really quickly, I found out I was pregnant when I had a mild case of viral meningitis and was hallucinating in the hospital. Not the best way, I can tell you that categorically! All turned out well and we’re expecting a healthy (fingers crossed) little girl, currently known as Prawnina or Prawnette until she arrives.


I’m a nurse at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and Kim is a trained chef, who got sick of the hours and is now working as a removalist. I have a passion for gardening and Kim, for homebrew – I am dubiously proud that he made a beer fridge that has two taps on it to pour chilled drinks. I am much more proud of the veggie patch I’ve started making in our new back yard – I’d like Prawnina (the baby) to have access to healthy, fresh food once she’s off the boob and I hope to provide quite a bit from the garden myself. We have pets – a mildly idiotic, but insanely adorable dog called Boris Von Schnitzel who spends most of his days napping and snoring, and I have a small desert python called Leela who doesn’t do much and spends all her time napping too. We live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia – we’ve just moved into a new rental place which we’ve christened the “Schnitzelhaus” and I’m sure there will be posts about the teething hiccups as we settle.


So that’s us – Sarah, Kim, Prawnina and Boris (sorry Leela, but you’re not really interactive enough to be a part of the journey)


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