Gah! Hormones! Drama!

Well, as anyone who knows me in person can vouch, I can have some good hormonal mood swings and things like the best of them even before I was pregnant.

Suffice to say that this whole “growing a little human” thing has ramped it up significantly – last night I got so angry at a turd of a cardiologist at work that I had to give the phone to someone else so I could cry the wave of anger and frustration out as I was becoming unintelligible on the phone and may have (rather unprofessionally, I am aware) called the cardiologist an obnoxious liar. Then I cried because I felt my patient was getting shitty care by the doctors and there was nothing I could do to make it better. Urgh, I was one blotchy, snotty creature.

(n.b. the patient was eating an icy-pole/ice lolly and was watching The Simpsons at this point and didn’t see any of this)

It’s frustrating not to have my usual cut off switch working – normally I would have been pissed off, but able to manage it calmly and professionally. This is similar to being a blooming teenager again, but with more tears and I don’t like it.


Now, at the request of my best friend AML, some gory bits. Except, there really aren’t any to report at the moment (although my crying face is pretty gory) as things seem physically ok at the moment. The bump is getting bigger, so are my boobs, and if I’m entirely honest, so is the rest of me. This might be more to do with the dietary supplements I’ve been taking for my mental health – i.e. large bars of Toblerone – than anything else though. So, unless you count the sight of my ever-expanding bum as gory, I’m afraid it’s a no go on the gore front.

Third trimester is coming up scarily soon though, and I’m promised that this will all change. Gory bits ahoy, Captain Lenon!


One thought on “Gah! Hormones! Drama!

  1. Hooray, gory bits!;)
    I wish I had pregnancy to blame for putting on weight (actually… no I don’t) but Milka and red wine are the main culprits here.
    Imagine how good you’ll feel after birth when all those hormones stop! They do stop, don’t they?

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