What I would like to say versus reality…

When you tell people you’re pregnant a strange thing occurs, you’re warned about it, but you don’t think it’ll be that bad.

What am I on about?

Unsolicited advice. From everyone, those with or without children and especially people whose parenting skills I consider questionable, it would seem.

The reality is that I listen with a polite smile and make the appropriate noises. In my head though, I want to rant and scream obscenities at idiots who feel it is their right to tell me EXACTLY how I should feel/what I should do/when I should do or feel it etc. etc.. Especially as I work with children and I’m quite smart and IT’S NONE OF THEIR *&%$#@!@#$ BUSINESS… ahem.

Now this is not to be confused with me being a smart arse and thinking I know it all – as a first time mum, I do need advice and I am so grateful for having a wealth of knowledge just a question away amongst my family,  friends, colleagues, midwives and even the internet (although this is my last resort due to crazy people posting fiction as fact). I love talking how-to-grow functional human beings with people whose parenting I admire or whom I just like and who have a good positive outlook.

But when I’m faced with people bleating nonsense in my general direction, I just feel a bit stabby. 


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