So, my self-diagnosis was awry  – today my blood pressure was normal, my wee clear of everything bad and I felt like a bit of a fraud. Still, I had blood tests (yay) and I’m booked next week to make a “mental health plan” to access a psychologist paid for by Medicare (Aussie NHS).

The doctor recommended I relax more and possibly reduce my hours at work too. I’m back at pregnancy yoga this week, so I’ll see if that makes a difference.

For the rest of my Friday, I am going to drop off the toilet seat and last key to our old real estate agent and hopefully that’s our bond back. She’s a freaking nightmare – she thinks our cleaning products have left the old toilet seat too rough (it’s plastic) and no, I’m not kidding it needs replacing. Considering we use Earth Choice gentle cleaning stuff as Kim’s got fragile asthma, I have no idea what she’s on about. She is mental about cleanliness though, and possibly other things too – the antithesis of our new agent who is so relaxed he’s horizontal.

I’m also going to buy more tins of tuna, as I just had a winning tuna mayonnaise sandwich with jalapenos and gherkins before and it was divine. Oh, and probably have a big nap too. Mmmmmmm, naps.


3 thoughts on “Hooray!

  1. Lots of damn mercury in tuna sister. Check it out. Not a good idea. Heavy metal and all, stick with Fuck I’m Dead etc….

  2. I’m glad everything turned out to be okay. Under the circumstances, you’re bound to feel a bit strange from time to time. By the way I agree with you about Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. I doubt that HOUSE would have worked with a different actor.

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