Well, it can’t all be sunshine and lollipops.

This week, I have been feeling pretty rotten – tired, headachy, emotional, confused and generally fed up.

I assumed it was the hormones messing with the ever lurking depression that resides somewhere in my brain, which I keep under check with my dried frog pills – a euphemism for antidepressants, the Pratchett reference makes me smile and that’s half the battle some days. For those who can follow a good Pratchett analogy, to put it simply I was going a bit Bursar. 

However, yesterday whilst at work I thought I’d give myself a full body MOT (or roadworthy for the Aussies) and it showed a few strange things. Blood pressure’s up, glucose and ketones in my wee and blood sugar level at the high end of normal. So I booked myself in for the doctors this morning and we’ll see what she thinks. I’m a bit worried it might be gestational diabetes, but I’m a terrible self-diagnostician. I need Dr House.



I’ll admit, I want Dr House mostly because it’s Hugh Laurie and, well, Hugh Laurie is awesome and I suspect an excellent person to have a drink with. He might even bring Stephen Fry and then I’d be in “dream dinner guest” heaven.


Ahem, sorry about that little interlude readers, I’m back from my daydreams. The positive bump news is that Prawnina is getting more active and I can feel her kicking from the outside as well as inside – she’s my little ninja and I love it. It’s a weird sensation, but so cool!

So, off to the doctors now to get checked over, I’ll keep you posted on why my body has gone a bit wonky later.



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