What do early lactation and the Spanish Inquisition have in common?


Ahahahahahaha! That’s some good early morning pregnancy humour for you.

Seriously though, I have been sporadically lactating (producing booby juice) since 21 weeks and it freaked me out. Sure, I was expecting the odd leak near the end as they were revving up for the imminent feeding of Prawnette, but I get little leaks all through the night and occasionally during the day – if I want to I can produce colostrum (early booby juice) on demand! It looks like milk! Like a cow! Eeeeeeep! And I’m only just over half way.

Still, in true scientist mode, I tasted it (don’t go yuck – you know you would too) and it’s slightly sweet, but not milky flavoured. I checked with the midwife and apparently it’s normal, early but normal. Phew. However, I’m not allowed to milk myself (!?!?!) as I might induce premature labour, all I can do is wear boob pads to catch the leaks when they happen. Thank goodness it’s just a few millilitres at a time, about a drop to half a teaspoon.

I’ve tried boob pads at night, but they just go AWOL and the first night I tried one ended up on my back and Boris the small furry thief stole one and it ended up in his bed. Kim thinks that it’s all hilarious, BTW. I think that having to wear a new pyjama top every night is a waste of washing, although the Boris stealing my boob pad incident did cause me to laugh at lot.

So Amanda – icky enough for you?


2 thoughts on “What do early lactation and the Spanish Inquisition have in common?

  1. Lols! ESP at the Boris part – This happened to me too but a bit closer to pop date… My advice – Cloth nappy or tea towel folded inside tight ish tank top 😉 beware the pre natal mastitis 😦

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