Welcome friends and family

Hello visitors!

I’ve started this blog as a way to share all my baby and life news without using Facebook. Mostly, because I like my bump and don’t want to flood my newsfeed with only baby stuff and I’m going to explode if I can’t share the weird and wonderful journey that is my pregnancy and future motherhood with the people I love!

Just in case someone who doesn’t know me finds the blog – please see the “about” page. Actually, everyone should read it! So there :p

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant and what we know so far is that it’s a girl and she’s healthy. Predicted due date is Jan. 5th 2014.

Due to my confusion at an early scan and declaration that she looks like “an alien space prawn thing” the baby is known as Prawn, although since the news that she’s a girl, it’s been mostly Prawnina or Prawnette.

I know that I have an anterior placenta and that means that I don’t feel as much movement yet as a lady with a posterior one, which is more common. I feel Prawnina wriggling now though and sometimes kicking her feet against my bladder or in random other places. However, being my child, it is mostly on my bladder. Currently, I love this feeling – it’s weird and wonderful to feel this little life inside me doing her thing. I can’t wait for her to be big enough for Kim to feel her move too, he’s so excited.

So welcome to my blog and I hope I’ll be updating little and often, as I know I can be a bit rubbish at actually writing big posts regularly.


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