Clothes and things.

So tonight I realised that one of my favourite items of clothing (a green/brown zip up gilet with a fur edged hood)  no longer does up around my middle no matter where I sit the bottom hem. This is making me quite sad as it’s been a winter wardrobe staple this year and it’s gone cold again.

It feels like the final nail in the coffin of the majority my (non-maternity) wardrobe – singlets,  tshirts, jumpers and jackets are too short to cover the bump or too small over the boobs, normal pants too tight at the hips. I am left with only a few things – the stretchy items from Pangaia, elasticated yoga pants and leggings, and stretchy summer dresses.

Luckily, I have enough clothes to not required an entirely new wardrobe and a few key things will make it alright, such as maternity jeans and a few tops and singlets.

I suspect that the wardrobe overhaul that I’ve been putting off will be done this weekend. Time to pack away all the things that don’t fit and work out what funky maternity outfits I can create from what I already have 🙂


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